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Good editing and all that, but this is Newgrounds, not YouTube. Post some flashes.


I am also a big fan of puzzles and that's why like it because it was only about the jigsaw puzzle and contained no metaphors whatsoever.

Also, sweet animation and voice acting.

Sorry about the AIDS.

I'd write some poetry here too, but that would be gay. So I'll just reminisce all those happy times we shared making quality flashes together and shed a tear...

Also, cocks.

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Kinda late?

Well the actionscript was pretty good, but that's actually everything that was good in it. Horrible design, horrible interface, no sound effects and just fucking awful grammar.

Also, you're kinda late to the SOPA/PIPA party. You should've made this about a month ago...

Lenke responds:

sorry for my grammar i will learn good English soon and i will make Betters GAMES

Well above average!

Not bad, not bad at all! You're obviously pretty good with actionscript, but you should definetly put more effort on the graphics. They get boring pretty fast.
Music was alright, but I would've been happier if there were other sound effects too, like explosions on collision or something.
Also, I don't if this is really hard or do I just suck at this, but took me pretty damn long to get to level 3! And why was there a menu button when there's no actual menu, just a play button?

But overall, nice little time consumer!

werter318 responds:

Thanks for your positiv review :)

and I am going to search for designer, so I can do the actionscript and he/she can do the graphics


But the threesome should've been between two pies and a guy. So fuck you. But still 10 for absolutely no reason at all.

Sidorio responds:

But the threesome bridges the gap between Kids Love Pie and Kids Love Pie 2: The African Revenge.

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I personally think you believe that you're a much better singer than you actually are. Because that didn't really sound too good. Don't shoot for stars yet.

Also, the quality of the recording isn't really good either. You moved too much around the mic and there were too much crackling noises.

AndrewTheNinja responds:

I know its a work in process. the more i work the better it will sound. i dont believe that i'm awesome yet. you dont know what i believe. but i know i have potential and i'm going to keep working until i unleash my potential and get somwhere. until then low quality recordings and out of nowhere demos. which was another problem. i just recorded this out of nowhere. so it was a first cut thing. itl get better. but thank you for listening and giving your honest opinion

This is not music...

I don't understand how this got such a high rating. There's nothing good about this. It's almost as if you put your cat on a piano and recorded it walking on the keys.

armydanywolf responds:

you are right

Amazingly smooth!

It would almost be a crime if this wasn't used in a flash. It would be perfect for the ending credits. It's refreshing to hear something so clear and smooth in the audio portal.

The only bad thing is, that the one of the strings seems to be little out of synch. Or maybe it's just my imagination!

Anyway, deserves 9/10 and 5/5.

Assassin2 responds:

Aint you a darling. Glad you liked it, I'm working (lol) on remaking it and having it much less tinny sounding with the main string. Also doing an acoustic version of it which is a lot different. Thanks anyway.

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Really nice work. But I couldn't help noticing that the fortress is shaped like pirate ship. Subliminal message, perhaps?

How appropriate...

...the Kraken fights like a cow!

TheShadling responds:

I get it XD


Looks so much like something from Catoblepas... Freaky shit.

Rutger responds:

Hmhmhm, catoblepas?
Well I guess we both like to use bright colors, thanks!

I don't have any money so leave me alone.

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Too cool.

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