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Lare's News

Posted by Lare - April 28th, 2017

Flash is dead.

RIP Newgrounds and premium quality internet.

Posted by Lare - September 11th, 2012

Also some durr.


Posted by Lare - March 4th, 2012

Fo' realz, yo.

Shit just got real!

Posted by Lare - July 11th, 2010

Brb, going to army.

When I come back, I'll have an awesome flash. I promise.

EDIT: It's done lololol

Posted by Lare - April 30th, 2010

Guess who made it in!

Posted by Lare - March 30th, 2010

Give it to me, baby!

Posted by Lare - June 28th, 2009

Well stick me in a dress and call me Suzy!


Posted by Lare - January 30th, 2009

Okay, so here's the deal. I got a few comments from a random asshole who claims that pirates are cooler than ninjas. After thoroughly analyzing his message, I realized that he is technically right. Here's why:

The word "cool" actually means cold. And the opposite of cold, is hot. We can all agree that pirates are most definetly not hot. But as you can see in the picture below, unlike pirates, ninjas can be extremly hot. Therefore, ninjas are hotter than pirates.

So in conclusion, pirates are cooler than ninjas.

Ninjas are hotter.

Posted by Lare - September 24th, 2008

Yep, I'm just so ninja.

Also, why are there so many different sports drinks? That's just lame.

Posted by Lare - September 19th, 2008

Well, I finally managed to make something decent with Flash. It took about:

- 30 minutes to learn the required Actionscript
- 25 minutes to design the backgrounds, buttons and the texts
- 10 minutes to import everything relevant to the library
- 30 minutes to do some reseach and design questions
- 10 minutes to design the appearence of the whole swf-file
- 45 minutes to put all that to stage and import it
- 5 minutes to make an icon for NG
- 3 minutes to submit it

So it took me about 2.5 hours to make this whole thing. And let me tell you, it was worth it! I actually managed to get "Great Score" in the Flash Portal! For me, that's totally awesome!

And if anyone want's the background I used on it, I still have the psd-file, along with other versions of it. Just ask me, and I'll upload it.

Go check it out!

Oh, and pirates suck.